When lava flows, a Hawaiian goddess' name is invoked

HONOLULU (AP) — In rural Hawaii neighborhoods where lava from Kilauea volcano has burned down or threatened to consume the homes, a name often comes up: Pele (peh-leh).

"You can't really predict what Pele is going to do," said Julie Woolsey, who evacuated on May 3 as a fissure opened on her street, oozing lava just 1,000 feet from her home.

Here is more information about Pele and why the goddess is revered:


Pele, known as the goddess of volcanoes and fire, is an important figure in Hawaiian culture.

She represents all the phenomena related to volcanos — the magma, steam, ash, acid rain.

Pele is an akua, or goddess, but not in the way people outside Hawaii might think of gods and goddesses....

5 Published By - Houston Chronicle - Technology and Science - 2018.05.17. 06:18
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