The Tories’ chaotic Brexit has lost the trust of business, and jobs will go | Aditya Chakrabortty

Theresa May’s desperate survival act within her party means companies are having to plan for worst-case scenarios. Thousands of workers will be hitEarly summer, and Westminster politics is a glorified beach read. Will the former SAS (Reserve) hardman David Davis stay or go? How long can dogged Theresa May keep her job? And when will the pinstriped assassin Jacob Rees-Mogg strike next? Grab another drink, slap on the Soltan, and all shall be revealed on page 194. What larks! Yet away from parliament, and far from the tabloid front pages, a serious breach is opening up in British politics. Last week some of the most senior business leaders in Britain came out of a Brexit meeting at No 10, and promptly tore the prime minister to shreds. “We’re playing economics; [the politicians] are playing politics,” said Paul Drechsler, president of the bosses’ organisation, the Confederation of British Industry. “In the world of business, we’re frustrated. We’re angry.”An extraordinary statement, especially from an executive invited to tea and biscuits with May. If supposedly tame industrialists now talk like this, you have to wonder what sounds come out of the feral lot. Continue reading......

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