Sticking up for sex workers draws mixed responses | Letters

Neville Southall’s recent comments on sex work draw praise from Stella Brook of the English Collective of Prostitutes, while Labour MEP Mary Honeyball condemns Catherine Healy’s elevation in the Queen’s birthday honoursNeville Southall’s compassionate, commonsense support for sex workers (‘I’ve got a bit of flak because I stick up for sex workers’, 5 June) is much needed at this time. He points out the absurdity of accusing someone of supporting trafficking because they “stick up for sex workers”. Shame so few politicians listen. The recent “pop-up brothel” inquiry by an all-party parliamentary group ignored evidence from current sex workers and recommended increased criminalisation using speculation and unsubstantiated data about trafficking as justification. Related: Neville Southall: ‘I’ve got a bit of flak because I stick up for sex workers’ | Donald McRae Continue reading......

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