Speaker John Bercow orders SNP's Ian Blackford to leave PMQs after Brexit protest – Politics live

SNP leader mounts protest over government treatment of devolution amendments in EU withdrawal bill 12.34pm BST Blackford was trying to hold a vote on “that this House sit in private” to disrupt proceedings. It would have held things up for 15 minutes.He was doing this as a protest about the way Scotland has been treated over Brexit, and the EU withdrawal bill in particular. See 11.43am for more details. 12.31pm BST Ian Blackford, the SNP leader at Westminster, ends his second question to Theresa May to say he wants the House to sit in private.That is a mechanism for forcing a vote on clearing the private gallery. This is the sort of tactic Blackford implied he would use when he was on Sky earlier. (See 11.43am.) Continue reading......

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